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Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing with the Buzz Points program?
For an overview of the changes, please see here.

Why are you making these changes to the program?
We are making these changes to simplify the Buzz Points program and your customer experience. These changes will also create more exciting redemption options and enable more businesses in your town and across the U.S. to participate in the program.

When do these changes go into effect?
February 5, 2018.

How will I earn points?
Just like before, you will earn points simply by using your Buzz Points-enrolled debit or credit card. Points can be earned anywhere and everywhere you shop. Additionally, your bank or credit union may offer you additional ways to earn points through other products, services or promotions. Please contact them for additional details.

How many points will I earn?
With Buzz Points, you earn points anywhere and everywhere you shop with your Buzz Points enrolled debit or credit card. In addition, you will earn bonus points when you shop at a Preferred Business, which will include many of the same local favorites as before.  Earnings rates vary between institutions. To find out the point earning rate at your institution, you can contact Buzz Points customer service at or 877-577-2899, or contact your institution.

Where and how can I earn bonus points?
You will be able to earn bonus points for shopping at Preferred Businesses, which will include many of the local places you know and love. These Preferred Businesses will be found in the “Earn More” tab, which is replacing the Directory.

What is a Preferred Business?
A Preferred Business is one that has partnered with Buzz Points and your financial institution to provide additional incentives to reward cardholders for shopping with them. These can be local businesses that are owned and operated by a member of your community, as well as local branches of national businesses that play a vital role in the local economy.

What is changing with the Directory?
The Directory will be replaced with our new Earn More tab, which will feature all the places you can earn additional bonus points for shopping with your Buzz Points-enrolled debit or credit card.

Do I still need to mark purchases as "local"?
The Mark as Local feature will be removed from the app. You can still earn additional points-at least double-at Preferred Businesses automatically. You can locate Preferred Businesses closest to you on the Earn More tab within the app.

Are the reward types changing?
No. We will continue to offer the same great selection of local rewards, national gift cards and other reward options. As before, your points will be worth the most at local Preferred Businesses, as well as charities.

Are gift cards changing?
We will continue to offer the same great selection of national gift cards, but all gift cards will now be delivered digitally. No more waiting for a physical gift card in the mail — you'll be able to redeem and use your rewards much more quickly!

How much will a reward cost?
The cost of a $10 reward at a local Preferred Business will change from 2,200 points to 1,000 points. Under this new system, your points will be worth more! Points will still be most valuable at local Preferred Businesses as well as charities. In order to implement this change, we will be adjusting your current point balance to match this new system. The new cost of rewards is as follows:

  • 900 Buzz Points = $10 Charity Donation Reward
  • 1,000 Buzz Points = $10 Local Reward
  • 1,500 Buzz Points = $10 National Reward

What is happening to my points?
To implement the change in reward cost and increase the value of your points, we will be adjusting your current point balance. If you have 1,000 points, your new balance will be adjusted to 454 points. While you will see your total number of points decrease, your points will be worth more and the total value of your points will remain the same and you will be just as close to that next reward as before!

Am I losing points?
Technically, the number of points you have will decrease. However, the value of your points will increase, so the total value of your points will be the same. For example, 1,000 points on the current system will be worth the same as 454 points on the new point system.

When will my points expire?
Points will now expire after two years. Don't worry: you will receive plenty of warning before your points expire, and we will make sure to show you all the great redemption options available in your area — you'll never have to worry about where, when or how to use your points!

I still don't understand everything. Who can I contact for help?
Please feel free to reach out to Buzz Points customer service at or 877-577-2899.

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